Beth's Center For Acupuncture - Pricing And Discount Packages
Beth Hopkins Acampora, AP - Fertility Acupuncture Specialist - Company Message
I offer a wide variety of options so you can experience the healing benefits of Chinese Medicine without worrying about money.  I utilize sliding scale fees, seasonal specials and discount packages through out the year.  No worries.


Evaluation & Diagnosis:

Consultations: In these appointments, we address your health concerns, your history, and we discuss lifestyle factors contributing to your problems.   Establishing a personal connection and starting the educational process are the main focus of this time spent together.  

I offer full Chinese medical diagnostic consultations for complex diseases, brief exams for pain conditions and economy evaluations for those on a tight budget.   These services range from $20 - 55, usually a one time charge.  We determine which type of consultation is best for you during our first telephone consultation, which is always free.  

Acupuncture, Herbal & Qigong Therapy

Acupuncture Treatments
:  Sterile, disposable needles are used to activate inter-communication between your DNA cells and stimulate circulation of your hormonal messaging system within the Bonghan Channels (see blog for information on the newly discovered Bonghan or acupuncture Channels.)  I have been trained in all the major types and cultural styles of acupuncture and have several different kinds of plans according to your needs and desires. I offer:

  • Pain Control Treatments, 
  • Fertility Enhancement for both men and women, 
  • IVF/ART Support, 
  • Parasympathetic Retraining©, for most medical conditions
  • Economy Acupuncture, for a quick start for those on a budget
  • 5 Element Rebalancing Therapy for issues relating to emotional and/or mental burn-out, 
  • Qigong Sessions for the natural health aficionado, and
  • Weight Loss & Addictions Auricular Therapy. 

Sessions can range from $60 - 95 depending on your needs, budget and which kind of treatment would be most beneficial for your situation.  Special discount packages are offered seasonally.  

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