It's all about Maintenance............
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It's all about Maintenance............

Oh boy.  I haven't been good about these.  Most of my great blog ideas come in the shower.  Too bad I can't blog from there.  My clinic and my boys keep me running, but I'm committed to do better in this new year of the dragon!   Maybe with him breathing some fire down my back, I'll make the

The past couple of weeks have been hallmarked by an interesting number of clients who are plagued by nagging recurring aches, pains and problems.  They will work and get the problem fixed, but after about 4-6 months, the problem comes back.  Usually, the body works in cycles.  When we get better after our initial course of acupuncture and the lifestyle changes we make, we have a tendency to go back to business as usual.

A common mistake I see with my clients and new clients coming in, is that they did not maintain the changes they made once they got better.  We all have a habit of only addressing issues when they become painful.  Our whole healthcare system is set up only addressing problems long after they have started.

In Chinese Medicine, the old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  I'd change it to say $95 of prevention is much better than $2,000 of cure.  No one wants the hassle of appointments and doctor's bills, but staying healthy WHILE you're healthy just rationally makes sense.

We have no problem getting routine maintenance on our cars.  Why not our bodies?   It's the smartest approach to aging and the problems with healthcare in our country.  

So, initially you start here with a course of treatment to solve your problem.  Then I release you.  You're good to go.  BUT, if you don't do anything to maintain what we just did AND if you do not continue the simple lifestyle modifications we worked on during your initial course, it's likely your problem will return at some point.  Usually during times of increased stress.  Often, I hear patients say, well, it didn't work because the pain came back.  But that is not the whole truth.  It worked, but you didn't continue to take care of yourself, you went back to your old habits.  It should not be a surprise when your body goes out of balance again.  

This is why maintenance is so important.  So what does maintenance look like to you?   Those levels are determined by:

1.  your age
2.  the type of problem you have
3.  how much of the lifestyle modifications you forgot or let go of
4.  your genetic tendency
5.  stress levels
6.  time and budget constraints

On average, once a month massage and seasonal acupuncture along with 70-80% lifestyle modification adherence is all that is necessary.  Notice how I did not say 100% lifestyle modification?   That's what I love about Chinese Medicine.  All things in moderation.  Even the good things.  Smile.

So, if you are plagued with re-occurring problems, it may be that you have either not fixed the original problem or you fixed it, but didn't maintain it.

If you are not sure what your maintenance schedule should be, feel free to call or email and we'll figure out what will work for you.

There.  First blog of the new year.  Not so bad.  Let's see if I can do another

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