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Personal Notes


Everyone has up and down days. Even the weather gets depressed! An attitude of gratitude is the best remedy. Expressing gratitude not only gives you a positive foundation, it can change someone's else's day. I had a day last week where,eehh......honestly for a moment, I was wondering why I go to all the trouble. 

Then the door opened and the mailman delivered this note: 

"Dear Beth, There could never be any way for us to thank you for helping us bring our greatest treasure into this life. She brings us laughs, joy, and love each and every moment of the day. We are more grateful than you will ever know. With Love, J & T" 

It was like the sun broke out - lifted my day and inspired me to continue on. The timing of the universe is quite profound and grand.

A wonderful evening with Gabriela Montero

Yeah.......that's me............with HER!!!!!!!! BIGGEST SMILE - I may officially be her biggest fan in N. Fla. I'd happily arm wrestle any challengers to the title. :)
What a wonderful inspiring evening. Gabriela's CD - Bach & Beyond - to me, was kind of like the answer "The Matrix" to Neo. There had always been a lurking connection somewhere just beneath the surface. The shock of hearing Keith Javors expertly play Chopin's Revolutionary Etude and then break out into a jazz rendition half way through was the spark. Then, when I heard Gabriela improvise Bach's Prelude in C - the piece I had played at my father's funeral, I was blown away. Changing the classics always got that "you're cute but kind of crazy" side ways smirk from any of my teachers - it's just not suppose to be done that way. I've spent years peering over that ledge. And I've jumped wildly and crazily over many ledges in my day. This ledge is the one that terrifies me most. And then, in an almost painfuly simple continuation of a well worn classical phrase - it was done. Expertly. On CD. Like anyone can listen to it. Anytime. The faithful trusting step into the vast unknown - stepped joyfully - it's truly amazing. Plus, it's pretty much anti-establishment. I have a special fondness for that kind of thing. When I first got this CD it would make me weep. Driving around San Marco to the bank or to pick up my kids - I either looked like a crazy woman or someone suffering badly from allergies - & I'm not allowed to suffer from that. Looks bad for my business. BTW, I only sneezed twice this year. No claritin. Only the magical Pe Min Gan Wan & Zhong Gan Ling. - But I digress.
The lovely folks at the Amelia Island Chamber Festival brought her in. This concert was very small. She played her new CD - Solatino - amazing as ever. And she did some improvisations from the audience. She completely slayed Happy Birthday. It was hilarious. And look. They had an after party and I got to meet and chat with her and Phillip Pan, who's gentle spirit and infectious smile will brighten anyone's day. She confirmed the lesson, that music comes from an intelligent, intuitive creative flow - we all have access to it - and when if flows, "we" disappear. I'm still working on that ;) Just now able to disappear when working with my acupuncture needles, but now I know - Yes I can improvise on the piano - Yes I can!!!!! I love it when teachers confirm the internal voice. Thank you Gabriela. I am your biyatch forever. So this is me - the groupie. I've always been a little dorky. But to me, this was super duper COOL.

Alright, I'm starting a Bloglet then.

So, how do these bloggers do it?  I've been wanting one of these for years, but have no time to write in it.  I certainly can't write blogs with phone calls to return and patient's to stick!  Whew!   So I'm doing Bloglets - extremely short notes - hopefully useful - to get it going - the info in my head into yours.  Scary - ha ha!
So, briefly for today. . . I started the my open Sunday morning Qigong classes.  Open by invitation only.  Which I guess is not too open.  But I'm open to the people I invited.   I'm adding a class note page however, for those interested in learning more and maybe applying for an invite.  ;)
Hopefully, this will be buried in a few weeks by actual entries.

Getting going on a blog!

It's probably time I make available to the public the daily ins and outs of what's actually happening in a busy holistic healing practice. So many people still are not aware of how the body/mind actually works together to create health and vitality or alternatively illness and disease. Learning how to change lifestyle habits based on convenience, poor philosophy and negative thinking patterns can heal any disease pattern. You can heal. This blog is intended to share how true healing can happen.  Even from diseases you've been told you'll have for life. I hope you find the information shared useful, challenging and inspiring.
So here's a list of some upcoming posts  -
  • Fake Estrogen
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Acidosis, how you got it and how you get rid of it
  • Candidiasis
  • Zinc is Not a Drug - how you can retain your right to be healthy without having to pay someone for it
  • Difference between Eastern and Western herbs
  • When to go homeopathic
  • Basics about good menstural health every young woman should know - 
That should get us started and save me some time in the clinic when I get them all finished.
Now - finding the time to write all this.........whew!

OK OK ---- Into the 21st century

OK OK OK!!!!   I'm finally getting it together - into the 21st Century.  I've been feeling the weight of gravity - yea rah mid 40's.  Gotta love it!   
So here's my new web design and blog - AND -  I finally made new cards for all of everybody who have been giving me such a hard time about it -  since February!!!!   Thank you for keeping on me.  I'd be hiding out here forever.   Here we go....... my first blog - my new name and design - Yikes!!!!
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