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Qigong Class Notes

Chi Kung or Qigong - It's all about Energy!

Chi Kung / Qi Gong (chee kong) Therapy 

Chi Kung or Qigong literally means "to be skillful with one's energy." With the advent of Quantum Physics and our ability to understand and document the nature of "energy," it is no wonder that forms of medicine based upon energetic theoretical models are gaining wide popularity here in the West.  Qigong therapy is the ultimate expression of that trend. 

Qigong is a set of meditation and moving exercises that develop your ability to sense and feel energy in and around your body.  Initially, we work on releasing tension and patterns of stagnation in your body, then we set about building your energy and learning how to store it.  Metaphorically, it is kind of like cutting up your credit cards and starting a savings account -- but not with money - with energy in your body. Qigong can be done by yourself or with another who has cultivated their energy to levels where they can sense and enhance yours.  Qigong treatments are very relaxing, energizing and enlightening.  Call for more information on how you can experience and learn this wonderful ancient art form.  Classes in progress seasonally.

Sunday, April 10th

A lovely morning at the Center.  We enjoyed some organic coffee and Oolong tea while learning about the role of the Pericardium and it's position in the body's military complex.   We "heard" the sound of the Pericardium and learned a Qigong exercise to open and increase circulation within the actual pericardium Bonghan channel in the body.
The daily I Ching wisdom reminded us that even in times of difficulty, there are lessons to be learned and skills to improve, whether it be business skills, interpersonal skills or ways to improve ourselves by taking gentle moments to reconnect with our source.  Qigong certainly helps us achieve that connection.
We learned how pre-conceived notions and unrealistic expectations, particularly those we have no control over can drain our vital energy.  When our vitality is compromised, we do not have the ability to respond to the early warning systems in our body/mind complex - thereby allowing negative patterns to set in and become habits that impair our health and sap joy out of interpersonal lives.
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