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I have some exciting news!  I have recently relocated to a new, larger office space in the San Marco/St. Nicholas area.  I have added two new fancy tables for more comfort and flexibility in therapeutic options.  My current clients are loving the new place.  Come check it out!  I'm in the Miller Health Group Building at 3333 Atlantic Boulevard - where Beach and Atlantic intersect in St. Nick.


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Beth's Center for Acupuncture & Natural Health is a special place for change and healing, located conveniently in  San Marco Jacksonville, close to downtown, San Jose, Southside, and Avondale & Riverside. With well over 25,000 acupuncture treatments, and helping hundreds of infertile couples conceive (over 400 babies) during the last 19 years, interest in natural medicine continues to grow. Come learn how Chinese Medicine can help you.
 Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporates:
  • Acupuncture & Massage
  • Chinese Prescriptive Herbs
  • Medical Qigong & private Tai Chi instruction
  • I Ching Emotional Conflict Resolution ICECR© techniques &
  • Individualized Food Choice Modification Program IFCMP©
 Chinese Medicine Might Be More
Ancient Than We Thought!
The practice and theory of Chinese Medicine in China historically dates back over 3,000 years ago.  But, the recent discovery of several mummies with tatooed acupuncture meridians in Siberia, Peru & Chile have lead historians to speculate whether or not Chinese Medicine was known and practiced over 6,000 years ago worldwide.  It seems from archaeological records that the theory and practice arose organically in each culture.  It may mean that the Chinese were not the first culture to develop it.   Check out my blog HERE for more information on the mummies.
Ancient cultures understood that living in harmony with the flow of nature, they not only survived longer, but maintained health & aged more gracefully.  Us modernites don't do so well with aging.  And, for all our convenience and access, we're not so healthy or happy at the end.  

The universal laws or principles of nature taught within Chinese Medicine still apply to our lives today.  Learning them and using them you can survive longer, age healthier, and LIVE a more peaceful, joyful life.
At my clinic, I do more than just stick you with needles for an instant enjoyable endorphin release, although there's nothing inherently wrong with that.  I can do that.  But the focus of my practice is about activating the natural healing intelligence within your DNA and reconnecting you to that process.  We can do it - together.  Here's how.
From Ba hooey To Cutting Edge Science
Picture of a Bonghan Channel.In the 1960's, North Korean researcher,  Bonghan Kim discovered microscopic physical structures in the body that correspond to the classical acupuncture point meridians now becoming known as Bonghan Ducts, or Bonghan Threads - (pictured above)
VERY INTERESTING!  Only now in the 21st century, have we discovered a particular kind of dye  (trypan blue) which will show these structures on film.  South Korean and European researchers have found that these channels are filled with Hyaluronic Acid which is central to regulating cell growth and renewal.  In fact, this acid is found extensively in connective, epithelial, and neural cells and has become a very popular anti-aging tonic, dubbed as the "fountain of youth" due to it's positive anti-wrinkle properties.  The fluid in the Bonghan channels has also been found to contain DNA and certain hormones.  The research has exploded - (overseas you might note.)  See my blog for more information.
Along the microscopic pathways inside the body are tiny areas going up to the surface of the skin that have less electrical resistance.  We know this after the development of ohmmeters that measure the skin's electrical resistance and conductivity.   In ancient Chinese medical theory, these areas are known as "acupuncture points" where channels can be accessed with heat from burning mugwort or by contact with metal needles or probes.  Scientific research of the body with specialized ohmmeters have proven that these points lay exactly where the Chinese and other ancient cultures put them thousands and thousands of years ago!!!
Additionally, it has been discovered that cell structure under your skin is horizontally fashioned, but at the classical acupuncture point locations, the cell structure is vertical, not horizontal.  Stimulating these vertical cells activate circulation of negatively charged acids in the channels and microscopic nerve endings in the flesh to affect the central nervous system, particularly the limbic portion of the brain.  
Different points stimulate different types of functioning within the  internal organs through the endocrine chemical release system.  We are now learning how light transmits enormous volumes of information.  

Did you know that your DNA releases light in the form of bio-photons within the acupuncture channels to control communication and functioning within the body?  From science fiction to fact.  Gotta love modern technology.   
If your body's chemical supply and circulation is deficient or blocked, your body will lose a proportional segment of it self regulating abilities resulting in pain or illness. Acupuncture points are treated to replenish the supply of necessary chemicals and to recharge it's electrical reserves so your body will produce energy and function correctly -- which positively influences the health and repair of your entire being.
In my Center, I utilize several clinically proven forms of acupuncture therapy including:
  • Balance Method
  • Traditional Chinese (TCM)
  • Japanese & Koren influenced styles, and
  • western Five Element techniques
Where appropriate, I will also use Chinese Prescriptive Herbs and Medical Qigong to help my clients overcome long standing medical problems to achieve and maintain, better health and greater vitality.  In my blog is some information about Chinese herbs, and Qigong therapy if we decide it could be helpful to your case.
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